Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Go4Turf over other turf suppliers?
Can I get a rebate for installing synthetic turf?
How well does it drain?
What if my pets pee or poop on it?
What if one of my children or pets ingests the infill or turf?
Will turf catch fire?
What does the warranty cover?
Is there any maintenance for synthetic turf?

why should i choose go4turf over other turf suppliers?

We're glad you asked!  Go4Turf, a GVCO Construction service, uses the most Earth friendly and safest, USA-made products on the market.  We take special steps to prevent gophers, weeds and water from harming the look and structural integrity of your lawn.  We have one of the longest warranties on the market.  Go4Turf Installation crews are trained,  certified professionals. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We hold a General Engineering Contractors License with the California Contractors State Licensing Board. 

Can I get a rebate for installing Synthetic Turf?

Check with your local water district for eligibility.  Most Southern California residents are eligible for $2.00 - $3.00 per square foot of water rebates if they install synthetic turf!

how well does it drain?

Better than real grass!  Our turf has specially designed weep holes throughout the turf which has a 30 inch per hour drain rate.  Along with the installation process, the aggregate below also drains better than your native soil.

what if my pets pee or poop on it?

You will still need to pick up after your pet's solid waste.  Regarding urination, liquids drain right through the turf.  Microban technology from Envirofill reduces ammonia odor from urine by 99% and disrupts bacterial growth.

what if one of my children or pets ingests the infill or turf?

Our turf and infill does not contain any lead or other hazardous waste materials.  However, we would suggest consulting a doctor or veterinarian if much is ingested.

will turf catch fire?

No!  Our turf is fire-retardant and anti-flammable.

what does the warranty cover?

Depending on which of our turfs you select, your warranty will span 10 - 15 years.  We currently offer the industry's longest warranty against any ultra violet degradation and excessive fading.

is there any maintenance for synthetic turf?

Although Go4Turf will be the most maintenance free lawn you have ever stepped foot on, there are times that you will have to care for it.
CLEANING THE SURFACE:  From leaves, twigs, litter, or other debris.   You can use a rake, broom or leaf blower.
REFRESHING THE TURF:  Your turf will naturally clean every time it rains, but we recommend spraying it down with water if you notice that it appears dusty.
DEEP CLEANING OR STAINS:  If you notice stains that plain water may not remove, you can use a basic household detergent with water or Simple Green ( Do not use Caustic cleaners or cleaners that contain Chlorine bleaches).
FACE LIFT:  Its a good idea to brush your turf with a stiff broom in areas exposed to high foot traffic.  As a courtesy, we provide a free face lift for your turf one year after installation!

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