What makes artificial turf a great idea?

People are switching to artificial grass now more than ever.  Why?
It looks great, doesn't require cutting or heavy maintenance, and never turns yellow or brown.
It's also very cost-effective.  California constantly experiences droughts.  This leads to increases in water and energy costs and more regulations on water usage.  With Go4Turf artificial grass, you never have to worry about these things ever again.


Go4Turf artificial grass looks great all year long.  No need to worry about cutting, trimming, dry spots or empty areas.  Have the most immaculate lawn on the block without having to worry about maintenance.

earth friendly

We only use the most environmentally friendly products available.  Our materials are made in the United States.  We do not use any chemicals that could harm humans or the environment.


Call or email us for a quote any time.  We understand that you have many expenses as a homeowner.  We're happy to work with you and your specific budget.  Visit our financing section for special incentives & huge savings!


we pay attention to every detail when it comes to installing your new synthetic grass

we use state-of-the-art equipment.
All our professionals are licensed & bonded.
we install only premium quality synthetic turf.

hero Financing program

Go4Turf qualifies for the Hero Financing Program, which makes it even more affordable and practical. 
Watch the quick video below to learn about the advantages of Hero Financing.

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