How Our Turf Is Made

Learn about what goes into the creation of our synthetic grass.

Fiber Extrusion & Yarn

    Extrusion is the process where monofilament chip is melted down and forced through small holes creating a single ply of fiber.  The fiber is then cooled and wound onto cones.  The end product is referred to as yarn.  We only use the highest quality yarn to construct our product.  This yarn has all the highest levels of Ultra Violet inhibitors in the industry.  For this reason we offer the industry's longest warranty against and ultra violet degradation and excessive fading.


    Tufting is the process where the monofilament yarn is sewn or stitched into a woven polypropylene primary backing. Different yarn textures and colors are combined together to create a product that simulates the look of real grass.  Tufting is performed to the highest level of quality standards to make sure the face of the product looks perfectly uniform and no holes or irregularities are present. In addition, products matching the perfect yarn pile height with the correct stitch count.  This combination allows to achieve the perfect density offering a turf that stands up and performs for years to come.


    There are a number of fancy backing systems in the market place touting a new and improved product. At Go4Turf we use the tested and tried backing system in the industry. The polyurethane backing system is the product of choice for football stadiums, soccer fields and baseball diamonds. This proven system has a track record that is untouchable by all others. In addition, our turf is hole punched with enough drainage holes to drain faster than the soil underneath.

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